Buy a New Devilbiss Oxygen Concentrator From On Oxygen

Buy a New Devilbiss Oxygen Concentrator From On Oxygen

Devilbiss oxygen concentratorOn Oxygen has a range of oxygen concentrators including two Devilbiss units with different capacities.  Our new oxygen concentrators come with a three year warranty.  Available as a 5 litre or 10 litre unit the DeVilbiss concentrators are relatively lightweight and compact.  The DeVilbiss developers have used the latest advancements in technology to provide oxygen therapy.  One such development is the Oxygen Sensing Device (OSD) which increases patient safety and provides reassurance to carers and users alike.  The OSD monitors oxygen ensuring the patient receives continuous flow.  The DeVilbiss units also feature visual and audible alarms so ensuring that those with fading eyesight or poor hearing can still be alerted to low levels, power failure, pressure drop or service requirements.

DeVilbiss 5lpm Oxygen Concentrator

Offering patients a continuous flow of oxygen from 0.5lpm to 5lpm, it is also environmentally friendly.  This unit includes an intelligent power management system which recognises flow rates below 2.5lpm and using ‘turn down technology’ it reduces the power consumption during this time.  For more details you can download the user manual.  It is easy to operate with easy to read pictograms to aid understanding of each function.

DeVilbiss 10lpm Oxygen Concentrator

A little larger than the 5lpm DeVilbiss model (as you might expect), but still compact for its capacity flow rate, the 10lpm continuous flow oxygen concentrator has similar functions to the 5lpm Devilbiss oxygen concentratormachine.  Again you can download the user manual for more detailed information.  This device has a bright LED panel for easy patient control.  The lockable flow meter unit accommodates up to 15m of oxygen tubing plus over 2m of cannula

These DeVilbiss oxygen concentrators are robust in design, but have the benefit of low noise levels.  On Oxygen offer these DeVilbiss units at very competitive prices ensuring oxygen therapy is affordable.

To find out more or if you have any questions you can contact us Alternatively, to purchase a brand new DeVilbiss oxygen concentrator go to our new concentrator online store and select if you want the 5lpm or 10lpm unit. Add any other accessories you might need, then simply add it to your basket and proceed to checkout.  If you are in the UK delivery will be free of charge.

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