Get your Devilbiss oxygen concentrator from On Oxygen online

Get your Devilbiss oxygen concentrator from On Oxygen online

Are you looking for a Devilbiss oxygen concentrator?  Are you also looking to easiest and probably quickest way to purchase one of these units?  By using On Oxygen you can very easily purchase your Devilbiss oxygen concentrator without leaving your house or even your sofa.  So, if you are struggling to move about due to breathlessness we can help by delivering your Devilbiss oxygen concentrator straight from your online order to your door.

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Can I take my Devilbiss oxygen concentrator on a plane?

All the medical oxygen concentrators available on the On Oxygen website are approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Agency) which means you can take them on a plane and indeed on cruise ships.  However, we do recommend you check with your individual carrier in advance of travelling.  We also suggest that you consult your doctor at the time of purchasing your Devilbiss oxygen concentrator to ensure you purchase a unit suitable for your specific requirements relating to flow rates and usage.


Take a look at all the details for this Devilbiss product listed under ‘New Concentrators’.  You will see that you can select either the 5 litre or 10 litre Devilbiss concentrator depending on your requirements.  What’s more the 5 litre unit starts from just £810 (currently at a reduced sale price – previously listed at £950) with all deliveries to the UK free of charge.  Oxygen concentrator prices are shown on our website exclusive of VAT, because as long as you are using your purchase for medical reasons you don’t need to pay VAT.  You can select VAT to be exempt as part of the checkout process. You might also be pleased to know that the Devilbiss oxygen concentrators come with a 3 year warranty.

More information about the Devilbiss oxygen concentrator


For extra details and information about the Devilbiss oxygen concentrator you can download the manual from our product page.  However, we can tell you it is easy to use and has some key features which we have summarised below:

  • Patient safety features:
    • In particular the OSD® Sensor which continuously monitors oxygen levels
    • To keep the user informed of low oxygen levels, power failure, pressure drop or service management there are both visual and audible alarms
    • The oxygen outlet incorporates a fire protection adapter
  • It is also environmentally friendly so when usage is below 5lpm the power levels are also reduced.

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To find out for yourself why not order your Devilbiss oxygen concentrator today.

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