Looking at buying a new oxygen concentrator?

Looking at buying a new oxygen concentrator?

Why might you be looking to buy a new oxygen concentrator online? At On Oxygen we supply a range of oxygen concentrators both portable and stationary. Our customers tell us machines new oxygen concentratoravailable from the NHS are limited and can be cumbersome, so that is why they come to us to buy lighter, smaller and more portable as well as more efficient oxygen concentrators. To see our full range of new oxygen concentrators click on ‘New’ from our home page or follow this link New Oxygen Concentrators

When buying a new oxygen concentrator from On Oxygen you will receive a 3 year warranty. You will also be pleased to know that we deliver to addresses in the UK free of charge. If you are looking at buying a new portable oxygen concentrator we can offer them from just under £2000 up to £3000 depending on the model you choose and the features you require. For stationary oxygen concentrators they start under £1000 for a 5lpm unit.

Which manufacturers do On Oxygen offer to those buying a new oxygen concentrator?

With the experience of over 25 years in the industry, the team behind On Oxygen are predominantly engineers, so we have a good understanding of all our oxygen concentrators. We only supply machines made by reputable manufacturers which include:

Airsepnew oxygen concentrator online
Philips Respironics

We always recommend you talk to your doctor about your oxygen needs. With that information you can then select the best portable oxygen concentrator to meet your particular requirements.

Many of our new oxygen concentrators are also FAA approved which means you can take them on an aeroplane. Buying a new portable oxygen concentrator from On Oxygen could open up the world to you once more. To check the full list of approved oxygen concentrators see the reference for the FAA webpage at the bottom of our home page under ‘Things to know before you buy’. You might want to consider a list of criteria and their priorities before buying a new oxygen concentrator from On Oxygen. Here are some points to think about;

• Do I want to carry my portable oxygen concentrator over my shoulder or would I prefer to pull it along on a trolley?
• Am I looking for the lightest or smallest unit on the market?
• Am I looking for pulse or continuous flow or both
• What functions would I prefer, e.g LED display, audio instruction/alerts, breath detection technology
• How important is the length of battery life

Once you have decided on the key criteria for your purchase simply select the unit which matches your requirements, download the manual, add it to your basket and then checkout. All you need to do then is await your free delivery and look forward to the freedom of breathing freely again. Why not take a look now? If you need assistance with selecting a unit you can contact us telling us your key requirements and we can advise you.

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