Order Your Oxygen Concentrator Online

Order Your Oxygen Concentrator Online

Yes, you really can just about order anything you need online now, including buying an oxygen concentrator online.  In fact, On Oxygen specialises in supplying oxygen concentrators online.  The reason some people feel nervous about buying health products online is concern over quality and reliability.  On Oxygen supply brand new oxygen concentrators as well as reconditioned units for tighter budgets. But let us put your mind at rest – all our reconditioned oxygen concentrators go through a 12 point check before they are sent out.

What is the 12 point check for reconditioned oxygen concentrators bought online from On Oxygen?oxygen concentrator online

The 12 points we check on reconditioned oxygen concentrators before they are sent out are:

  1. Visual external inspection
  2. Visual internal inspection
  3. Oxygen purity
  4. Pressure checks
  5. Alarm battery
  6. Portable battery
  7. Compressor
  8. Electrical inspection
  9. Tubing check
  10. Cleaning
  11. Final inspection
  12. Packaging

This means that we check for any faults caused by dropping or shipping and remove any debris or dust that may affect the functionality of the concentrator in the long term.  We also check that each concentrator works to the capacity or speed it claims, including running it in test mode.  All parts are cleaned and sterilised and packaged securely so it arrives with you in the same condition it left us.  For full details on what is covered by every stage of the 12 point check see our home page https://onoxygen.co.uk.

oxygen concentrator onlineWhat do I need to do before I order an oxygen concentrator online from On Oxygen?

We recommend that you talk to your doctor to discuss your oxygen requirements and also what flow rate you need.  You can then select the oxygen concentrator which best suits your needs.  All the oxygen concentrators we supply online are considerably less cumbersome than those you may have used via the NHS, they are generally lighter and smaller and allow you greater freedom and mobility than concentrators with oxygen cyclinders.  You also need to consider your budget so you can decide if you are buying a brand new oxygen concentrator or one of our reconditioned units.

What other benefits are there from buying an oxygen concentrator online from On Oxygen?

All our new units come with a 3 year warranty and reconditioned oxygen concentrators bought online from us have a 1 year warranty.  What’s more delivery within the UK is free of charge.  You can also buy accessories for your oxygen concentrator online, including extra batteries, chargers, covers and bags.

For more information about buying an oxygen concentrator online, get in touch with us today.

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